COVID 19 Information


Release – May 2, 2020

Fairmount Long Term Care (FLTC) is a not for profit entity that manages the County Nursing Facility in Philadelphia. Our staff are heroes who are working diligently to care for the most vulnerable members of society, while worrying about their own health and families. Managing a Pandemic response in Long Term Care is unprecedented. We are fortunate to have the support and guidance of our local hospital partners, the Medical Reserve Corp and the Philadelphia Department of Public Health. Our combined efforts have enabled us to test 100% of our residents and, as per CDC guidelines, any symptomatic healthcare employee. The aggressive testing of residents enables us to quickly identify and isolate COVID positive residents. We cohort positive residents to the greatest extent possible given the limited space within the building. The vast majority of our COVID positive residents remain in the facility where they are comfortable and being treated appropriately, thereby avoiding unnecessary hospitalization. We remain concerned about the well-being and safety of our staff who care for our residents with extraordinary effort, commitment and talent.  We hope there will soon be enough test kits to enable us to test all our staff.

Philadelphia Nursing Home follows CDC Guidelines for the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Our staff has been instructed on the most recent CDC Guidelines, including when to discard masks. Regretfully PPE is in short supply for the entire healthcare industry and all providers have implemented contingency strategies to conserve the limited supplies of PPE that are available. We have adopted a Universal Masking Policy for all employees. Visiting (except compassionate care visits), communal dining and mass activities have been banned since early March. Residents are expected and encouraged to stay in their rooms and on their units. Those who are capable of safely wearing a mask are doing so. All staff are screened upon arrival and again upon departure.

FLTC urges the State and Federal Representatives to provide more funding and support for Nursing Facilities, which are at the epicenter of this pandemic. We stand with our employees in asking the Federal government to provide an emergency response fund for Nursing Facilities just as they did for hospitals.


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